FULLY FUNDED – two words that bring me so much joy right now. 

One week ago on March 19, the news came down that the final performance(s) for the Aurora Indoor Percussion – a trip to WGI World Championships – might be in jeopardy. Long story short, all because of potential transportation issues. After a number of setbacks, emails, phone calls, and even more setbacks, a mutually beneficial solution was identified. Part of this solution resulted in the creation of a GoFundMe campaign, which set out to raise the funds needed ($800) in order to transport our equipment to and from WGI World Championships.

The campaign was made public on Tuesday, March 24 around 8pm. Why is that relevant? Because as of TODAY (March 26), at 12:30pm – just slightly more than 40 hours later – our campaign to send #AIP2WGI is FULLY FUNDED.

Thanks to the support of so many amazing people, these talented high school musicians will be able to finish their season as planned – performing at WGI World Championships for the first time. THANK YOU to those who gave, those who shared our cause with others, those who love music, and to those who just want the to see these students succeed.


Help Aurora Indoor Percussion Get To WGI World Championships


For the last two winters, I have served as an instructor with the Aurora Indoor Percussion ensemble from Aurora High School in Aurora, OH. These students put in, on average, 9 hours of rehearsal time a week, not to mention the amount of time they practice on their own. In 2014, the work paid off as the ensemble earned 3rd place at the state championships.

This year, the ensemble is made up of 24 talented students whose shared mission is 1) to create and perform music 2) while enjoying a positive social experience and 3) striving to perform at the highest level.

Our season is set to end in just a few weeks at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH on April 9 & 10. However, we have recently been made aware that our trip may be in jeopardy as the primary means of transporting our equipment to and from the event is no longer guaranteed. As a result, we have kicked off a GoFundMe campaign to raise $800 in order to rent a vehicle large enough to haul our equipment.

I take great pride in giving back to music programs and educating young musicians and it bothers me greatly to think that a transportation issue – be it for people or equipment – could dictate when a season ends. These students have worked too hard to be cut short this close to the opportunity of performing at WGI World Championships for the first time in the ensemble’s history. The students will remember this experience forever, but not without your help. 

Send #AIP2WGI!